“I started training with Jamie Steele two years ago, and at the beginning, I was unsure of how a personalized training program could benefit me. Jamie has proven through discipline, proper form/lifting techniques and the balance of upper body and lower body training, that at 50 years old, my strength and stamina are equal to when I was in my 20’s (and I was a Division 1 college athlete). Jamie has a well-defined and excellent understanding of applied physiology and exercise science, and has the knowledge, professionalism and guidance to help you reach all your fitness and health goals. I highly recommend him for any and all your health and fitness needs.”

Tom “The Rock” Colarusso

JAMIE STEELE - Certified Master Level Trainer



Comprehensive Fitness, Strength & Health Programming
for all levels and ages, featuring a fully equipped state-of-the-art facility.

“My experience with Jamie Steele at Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego was exceptional. I have spent years maintaining my fitness level. I have been participating in Olympic lifting and Crossfit for several years. Jamie was recommended to me by a family member and his expertise and attention were like nothing I have before experienced in the fitness industry. His training methods produced enormous strength and fitness gains in a very short time. Beyond the results an additional benefit was the knowledge increase I obtained. Jamie is first and foremost a teacher. A teacher about food choices, health, wellness, and life in general. Along the way you will experience a fitness level that you did not think was possible. Give Steele Bodies a try and you will not be disappointed."

"Thanks Jamie Steele for making me strong.  Ski season was amazing this year thanks to my unstoppable legs."

 Scott Fleck, PA-C

"I would like to offer my strongest recommendation for Jamie Steele and the Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego organization.

I had always been fit and never had a trainer.  One day, my wife won four training sessions with Jamie in a charity raffle.  I told her that sounded nice, but I certainly did not plan to continue and actually pay after the four.  I was sold after one session.  Susie and I continued weekly workouts at Steele Bodies for well over a decade.   At 51, I have never been stronger in my life.

Jamie is a pleasure to work with and an honor to know.  We were heartbroken when he, Joyce and their three kids left San Diego to open a Steele Bodies in Bend, but we always expect to get back with him in the future."

Tim McConnell
New Hampshire Track & Field State Champion

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alum

“I trained with Jamie Steele at Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego for more than a decade.  I credit Jamie with teaching me proper form for each exercise, and what muscles each activity strengthens.  I have worked out with other trainers and I can honestly say none of them had the in-depth knowledge and skill that Jamie has.  Jamie’s training sessions have a lot of variety so you never get bored, and he’s very professional with an engaging personality.  His training center is also very well equipped, with the most current state-of-the-art equipment. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone, of any age, looking to improve their overall health, fitness, strength, stamina and knowledge of nutrition.”

Sandi Cottrell, Managing Director/Owner
ArtWalk San Diego

“I have been training with Jamie Steele at Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego for over five years, and have found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable in exercise physiology, anatomy, and nutrition.  Jamie has helped me to strengthen my core muscles, as well as significant increases in my overall strength.  This resulted in a significant improvement with my lower back issues.  Additionally, Jamie creates a family atmosphere in his gym.  He is personable, caring and has a great sense of humor.  I highly recommend Jamie for his knowledge, expertise, and his interpersonal skills.”

Robin Bettin, Director of Community Services
City of Poway, CA

“I’ve known and been training with Jamie Steele of Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego for 20 years.  I started working with him because I wanted to increase my strength and fitness level for my overall well-being.  It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  I’ve had a few injuries over the years and he has always guided me back to health with great skill, care and encouragement.  Last December, I had a complete knee replacement (because of a skiing accident many years ago).  My recovery has been amazing, and a good part of that is due to the strength I had in the areas surrounding my knee before going into surgery.  Jamie is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled trainer, as well as a pleasure to work with.”

Cathy Perkins, Educator

Serving all of San Diego. Conveniently located in Carmel Valley.

STEELE BODIES client Ed "Crusier" McDaid

70+ years young, finishing his second set of Dead Hang Chins on the rings.

Client Testimonials for Jamie Steele, STEELE BODIES Personalized Training SAN DIEGO

Engagement Photo - Walt & Robin Cortez
Associates and Clients of Jamie Steele/Steele Bodies

“I’ve been strength training with Jamie Steele for around 15 years. Most of that in San Diego, but when Jamie opened a Steele Bodies here in Bend just recently, I was elated since I hadn’t been training with anyone since moving to Bend.

Through serious Triathlon training, Masters swimming, trail running and biking, and now, in my 60’s, just trying to stay in shape, teach yoga, keep my bones and body healthy and rehabbing after a recent knee injury - Jamie Steele or Steele Bodies Personalized Training knows how to do it all!

Jamie Steele is a Master Level Trainer that excels in helping everyone reach their goals through a very knowledgeable, safe and supportive application process, and frequently uses humor to make the training more enjoyable at Steele Bodies Personalized Training.

It is a pleasure and privilege to work with Jamie Steele and I whole-heartedly recommend Steele Bodies Personalized Training to anyone.”

Luanne Barrett, RN-Retired, Namaspa Yoga Instructor

“In the short time I’ve been training with Jamie, my strength and muscularity have gone up dramatically.  At the same time, my cycling and running speed have increased at the same level of effort.  Strength training brings real results, but I wouldn’t have achieved these results and gains on my own with a conventional set and repetition structure.  Jamie possesses a very knowledgeable understanding of applied physiology and exercise science, and understands the importance of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and proper nutrition.  I highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.”

Dave LiaBraaten, Principal
DesignHaus – Earth Advantage Certified Sustainable Professional

I sought out working with Jamie Steele of Steele Bodies Personalized Training Bend after a year of tremendous change. I had spent the last 5 years working out at a big box gym and had hit a wall on classes and crowds. I needed individual attention and care. Jamie's approach was a perfect fit to not only improve my strength and fitness, but also in teaching me how to take ownership of my own health and wellness. I highly recommend Steele Bodies Bend.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, an athlete desiring peak performance, or just want to remember that fitness can be fun."

Diane Murry-Fleck

“Jamie Steele of Steel Bodies Personalized Training San Diego is in a class all his own when compared to other trainers I’ve worked with in the past. Jamie has taught me how to strengthen my body safely and effectively. I am always amazed at how he can alter exercises to make me push a little harder while always being aware of my personal limitations.  I’m older than I was a few decades ago, but I am in the best physical condition I have ever been in my life. My body is strong and powerful. Jamie knows training!”

Dori M., Educator

"My wife and I started training with Jamie Steele of Steele Bodies Personalized Training San Diego at age 56 (she) and 69 (me).  We trained two to three times per week for the past 12 years.  Due to Jamie’s continued guidance and instruction, our health and fitness, and quality of life, went from so-so, to excellent.

Jamie’s knowledge of Exercise Science and its’ various and multiple applications are of the highest standards.  He excels as a health and fitness professional at helping his clients get in the best shape of their life.  He also has an extensive background in nutrition, and its’ importance in developing a comprehensive program toward ascertaining all your health and fitness goals.

And, Jamie is a pleasure to work with, and has a very engaging personality.  We highly recommend him to anyone looking to greatly improve their health and fitness."

R.P. Vince Huntington  MFT,  RMCM – USN (Retired)
Sally Huntington  MFT
Huntington Counseling Center
La Jolla, CA

"I trained with Jamie Steele for over a year before the Steele family moved to Bend.  He really helped me develop my overall strength and athletic ability, utilizing various exercises to isolate muscle groups, as well as, “plyometrics,” which really developed my power and speed-strength.  He always found a way to get the most out of me during our sessions, which led to measureable gains in strength, fitness and endurance.  I highly recommend Jamie if you want to get stronger, faster, and become a much better athlete, or just more healthy and fit."

Garrett Woodworth
University City High School – San Diego, CA
Honor Student;  Varsity Lacrosse;  Eagle Scout